PaladinsGate Comics



About Us

PaladinsGate comics is your local Normal, Illinois comics shop that offers comic back subscriptions, back issues, graded books, CGC/CBCS submission w/ prescreen service, pressing and cleaning of comics and magazine. We also offer consignment deals and we also from time-to-time purchase comic and toy collections.

We are also designing and building custom comic cabinets that will fit beautifully in your home. The cabinets will display in a very modern fashion and be an instant conversational piece to any collection. We have 4 designs ready and will have them show-cased at PaladinsGate Comics in Normal, Illinois by end of Summer 2024.

Please follow us on Facebook, Ebay, Instagram and Whatnot.

We list Ebay items every Sunday night starting at midnight. We appreciate your support on these platforms. Bookmark our Whatnot shows, and request sketches live with us! We are partnered with a local comic artist and will be having live shows on Whatnot where you can purchase sketches and soon comic books exclusives hosted by PaladinsGate Comics. Our 1st big exclusive is Thundercats #1 by Dynamite comics!

Local pickups at PaladinsGate comics in Normal, Illinois of merchandize bought on Ebay, Whatnot or our website earns $5 in-store credit!

We look forward to see you and we Thank you for your business!