Egg Republic

About Us

Welcome to Egg Republic: Bloomington’s premier brunch eatery and dining establishment! For over 30 years, Jon and Mirie have grown, overcome and thrived in the restaurant industry. Using their long years of service and experience managing popular eateries, Jon and Mirie look to bring their unique brand of dining to the Greater Bloomington area. As husband and wife who love the idea of food and family, Jon and Mirie wish to create an atmosphere where both can be celebrated!

As the name implies, you can expect many of the dishes at Egg Republic to be centered around… you guessed it: eggs! While eggs might be our specialty, we strive to offer cooking that embodies “old school” while introducing some fun and trending “modern” dishes sure to satisfy every member of your family.

Much of the look, feel, and atmosphere of Egg Republic was inspired by Jon and Mirie’s love of travel. Both wanted to create a fun and comfortable space, yet modern and inviting. Guests walking through Egg Republic’s doors will feel like dining while on vacation! Eating out is about spending time with loved ones and making precious memories together. We hope you can make some new memories at Egg Republic while enjoying one of our many delicious dishes.

Speaking of delicious dishes, while there’s a little of something for everyone, we have some favorites ourselves… like our Chilaquiles, or our S’mores Galore Pancakes. Every meal we prepare uses the freshest ingredients, with recipes even your grandma would approve of! Moreover, you can expect some of the best breakfast and brunch fare in all Bloomington


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